Energizer Recharge CHVCMWB-4 Value Charger


The Energizer Recharge CHVCMWB-4 Value Charger is a rechargeable battery charger that adds a factor of convenience while getting the job done. It can charge up to four AA and AAA batteries at a time, and it takes about five hours to totally charge the batteries. This model has many features, including a charge status indicator, overcharge protection and a safety shut-off button.

Buy this top-notch Energizer AA and AAA Battery Charger for all your battery-charging needs today!

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When it comes to saving time, money, and cutting down on waste, the Energizer Recharge CHVCMWB-4 Value Charger from Household Batteries is the ideal option for you.

  • Easy-to-read LED display showing the charging status
  • A “Bad Battery” indicator light so you know when to change them out
  • Eco-friendly and valuable for saving time and money
  • The world’s #1 recharging brand, according to market survey data

Instead of flushing money down the drain with packs and packs of disposable batteries, why not invest in some rechargeable batteries to save yourself the time and money? When you get this Energizer Recharge Value Charger, you’ll be amazed at its value and functionality. With indicators that always let you know the status of charging, as well as when the batteries go bad, you’ll always be in the loop with your batteries.

  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Charge batteries: AA and AAA
  • Number of charge positions: Four
  • Charger location: Home use
  • Auto Shut-off: Yes
  • LED Charging Indicator: Yes
  • Bad Battery Detection: Yes


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.12 × 4 × 9 in


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