Energizer 377 376 Silver Oxide SR626W 5 Pack Tear Strip


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If you’re looking for high-quality batteries, look no further than the Energizer 377 376 Silver Oxide SR626W 5-Pack Tear Strip from Household Batteries.

  • With a shelf-life of up to ten years, Energizer silver oxide batteries are guaranteed fresh
  • Energizer batteries experience a failure rate of less than one percent so you’ll always trust our products
  • As the most respected maker of batteries, Energizer is known for quality and performance

Whether you’re trying to power your key fob, your laser pointer, or your watch, there is no better option for your small electronic devices than the Energizer Silver Oxide batteries from your online battery store! Long-lasting when they’re in your devices and long-lasting when they’re in storage, trust Energizer for all of your battery needs. Shop our products now!

  • Up to 10-Year Shelf-Life
  • 5-Pack
  • Silver Oxide
  • Multi-Drain

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